Interactive technology that directly delivers science-based advisory to rice farmers launched in Indonesia

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The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Infoline, which is designed to deliver science-based advisory directly to rice farmers through voice messages in the local language, was launched in West Java and South Sulawesi.

The IVR Infoline, a collaborative effort of IRRI and Viamo, marks a milestone in reaching and empowering Indonesian rice farmers. It works through scheduled calls to known numbers of farmers presenting them with a menu of options through pre-recorded voice messages.

Farmers can interact with the system using their phone’s keypad to access key messages about crop management advisories for irrigated rice farms such as rice variety selection, planting method, fertilizer dosage, fertilizer type, fertilizer application timing, alternate wetting and drying technology, brown plant hopper, stem borer, combine harvesting, and threshing machine.

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