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Farmer, service provider, manufacturer, extension worker: Four perspectives on rice seeders and IPM in Cambodia

Farmers, extension professionals, the private sector, and other stakeholders are uniquely impacted by agricultural innovation. The following are accounts of their experiences in implementing mechanized seeders in the field, applying IPM, and lessons learned along the pathway toward sustainability. Mr. Sokunroth (second from left), an IPM focal point and extension officer at PDAFF, helps farmers identify...


In retrospect: IRRI Annual Report 1993-1994

IRRI is establishing a rice learning center in Los Baños, Philippines. In this center, the different rice-growing ecosystems, their history, their potential for the future, the research needed to make them productive and sustainable, and IRRI’s contribution, will be described. By doing this, we want to contribute to the preservation of the most important cultures related to rice. ...


A tapestry of rice, earth, and soul

The people of the Philippine Cordillera Region are so devoted to rice that they carved terraces out of the slopes of the imposing mountain range to provide their crops a place to grow. One could say their culture is composed of the terraces, the rice farmers, their traditional farming methods, and their heirloom rice. These are so closely intertwined that removing one would cause this delicate tapestry...