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Development of healthy and nutritious cereals: Recent insights on molecular advances in breeding

Malnutrition is linked with heavy dependence on monotonous cereal staples without much dietary diversification or nutrient supplementation. Even though significant efforts have been made over the last six decades to improve production and productivity in most food crops, it lacked associated nutritional improvement. Biofortification of cereals with elevated levels of essential micronutrients, vitamins,...


RICA: A rice crop calendar for Asia based on MODIS multi-year data

Crop calendars report the timing of key agricultural activities and crop development. At their most detailed, crop calendars can support the planning of many farm activities, from land preparation, planting, crop, soil, and water management through the growing season, harvesting, storage, and fallow. In this study, we present a method to automatically generate a spatial rice crop calendar covering...


Old school adaptation

What is happening in Assam emphasizes how indigenous people’s farming methods, using organic and traditional techniques, alongside native seed conservation, can help poor farmers better deal with climate uncertainties; and improve biodiversity and food security. ...