BRRI hosts workshop on the impact of project modernizing rice breeding in Bangladesh

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The Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) in Gazipur hosted a workshop on 06-05 March to highlight the achievements of the Transforming Rice Breeding (TRB) project that aims to increase the rate of genetic gain for yield and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of breeding operations.

The event was significant and timely for rice research in Bangladesh, according to Shaikh Mohammad Bakhtiar, executive chairman of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council.

Rice production in Bangladesh has grown more than three-and-a-half folds over the past 50 years with improved rice varieties’ development and widespread acceptance. However, because of the slow rate of varietal growth, most modern varieties cultivated in Bangladesh are over 20 years old. The current rate of yield improvement from new types is also considered to be inadequate to meet future global demands for rice.

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