Indian women scientists breaking gender stereotypes in the agri sector

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Corteva Agriscience scientists Selavarani Elangovan and Saradamba Annasamudram are driving new innovations in the agricultural sector through their research.

Ms. Elangovan works at the company’s multi-crop research center in Jaipur in India where she develops mustard hybrids for farmers. She completed her master’s in plant breeding and genetics from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and attended the rice breeding course from the International Rice Research Center. She is also a qualified “Crop Adviser” from the American Society of Agronomy.

Dr. Annasamudram is a research associate at Corteva’s Toopran Research Centre in Hyderabad. She believes innovation and precision technologies such as sensors, weather forecasting, satellite, and drones, can create multi-pronged impact across the food system value chain.

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