Understanding soil health management under different land uses

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Soil is one of the planet’s great reservoirs of vast biodiversity. It provides a habitat for plants, animals, and microorganisms and acts as a buffer against pollutants that safeguards the purity of groundwater. Additionally, because of the massive amounts of carbon, it collects and stores, the soil is essential in combating climate change and mitigating its impacts.

To educate and disseminate the importance of soil properties, conservation, and management to the youth, The International Rice Research Institute South Asia Regional Centre (ISARC) in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh conducted training at Sri Sri University Cuttack, Odisha from 1 to 3 of December 2022.

Thirty participants from all over India participated in the event with experts from various institutes as resource persons. They include Prof. Antaryami Mishra from the Odisha University of Agriculture & Technology Bhubaneswar, Dr. Sheetal Sharma from IRRI, Prof.  Bhat and Mr. Satyajeet Arya from Sri Sri University Cuttack, and Dr. Ajay Kumar Mishra from ISARC.

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