AfricaRice integrated rice-fish project in Liberia earns stakeholder support

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The Integrated Rice-Fish Farming System project of the Africa Rice Center in Liberia attracted praises from stakeholders and partners.

The EU-funded project seeks to develop integrated, climate-smart rice-fish production systems sustainably and development of successful extension service delivery systems.

It aims to improve income and provide sustainable nutrition for most Liberian households.

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Maintaining the diversity of integrated rice and fish production confers adaptability of food systems to global change
The world’s food systems are simultaneously overreaching planetary boundaries and failing to meet nutritional needs. In response, the transformation of current food systems is increasingly called on to minimize environmental impacts and sustain livelihoods while also producing food of sufficient quantity and quality to meet the growing needs and demands of populations globally.

Rice-fish farming could help boost farmers’ income in Myanmar’s “rice bowl”
Aquaculture production in rice-based cropping systems could potentially boost farmers’ productivity, income, and nutrition in the Ayeyarwaddy Region, the country’s main rice-producing area. Funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the 12-month mini rice-fish project aims to assess the potential of integrated rice-fish business models to increase the income of farmers in the disadvantaged flood-prone areas of the Ayeyarwady Delta.

Rice Knowledge Bank: Rice-fish systems
A rice-fish system is an integrated rice field or rice field/pond complex, where fish are grown concurrently or alternately with rice. Fish may be deliberately stocked (fish culture), or may enter fields naturally from surrounding water ways when flooding occurs (rice field fisheries), or a bit of both. Fish yields can range widely from 1.5kg to 174 kg/ha/season depending on the type of rice-fish system, the species present, and the management employed.

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