Arts&Culture: Japanese rice sandwich, Coffee made from black rice, Wild rice camp, and World Jollof Rice Day

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Onigirazu: Japanese rice sandwich
Onigirazu, Japanese rice sandwich, is tickling American palate. San Franciscans were introduced to the new rice cuisine at J-Pop Summit earlier in August. Kenichi Kawashima, owner chef of a California-based caterer Kawashima’s Kitchen, made some 800 onigirazu for the two-day event.

“Everybody knows sushi such as nigiri or rolls. So this time, I wanted to introduce a new item onigirazu,” said Kawashima.

Sara-sara: Coffee made from black rice
IN BRAULIO E. Dujali town, Davao del Norte, some two hours from Davao City, rice farmers offer a good alternative for those who hate the kick that the cup of joe gives. Sara-sara, as the locals call it, might not be similar to coffee in taste and smell, but it is strong enough to give some boost early morning.

DEBWE to host wild rice camp on reservation
Anybody of any race who wants to learn the history, culture and technique behind the traditional Ojibwe wild rice harvest is welcome to attend a wild rice camp this week on the White Earth Reservation. The camp is sponsored by DEBWE, a Detroit Lakes–based group dedicated to sharing the history and traditional culture of the Ojibwe people.

Jollof rice national under-development of what my generation did to their children
The history of the beloved rice dish is examined in celebration of World Jollof Rice Day.

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