IRRI Board acknowledges its predecessors at the 50th anniversary meeting

 Sophie Clayton   |  

IRRI’s Board of Trustees held its annual meeting on 14 April 2010—exactly 50 years after the inaugural meeting of IRRI’s Board in 1960. In commemoration of the first meeting of the Board, the current Board adopted a resolution dedicating the 50th anniversary meeting to the founding Board members.

They committed to the following tasks:

  • Recognize the vision and dedication of their pioneering efforts 50 years ago;
  • Be grateful for the immeasurable benefits that have flowed from their efforts of helping millions of poor and hungry people all over the world;
  • Celebrate the achievements in rice science over the past 50 years; and
  • Commit to continuing the mission into the next 50 years and beyond.

Fifty years ago, the items on the Board meeting agenda included the installation of the Board, the appointment of the director general, the lease arrangement with the University of the Philippines, and the plans for building IRRI’s facilities in Los Baños. On the agenda this April, the Board discussed the Consortium of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research centers, IRRI’s research progress and directions, and administrative matters.

One thing has not changed, however. The IRRI Board still boasts a remarkable lineup of individuals from across Asia and the world, as it did 50 years ago. Only this time, the Board is pleased to have women members and representation from Africa—reflective of IRRI’s development and the scope of its research.




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