North China’s first giant hybrid rice crops ready for harvest in October

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An experimental giant hybrid rice variety is in the final grain-filling stage and is expected to be ready for harvesting in October.

Growing up to 2.2 meters tall, the giant hybrid rice has higher yields, drought tolerance, and better resistance to disease and waterlogging than other hybrid rice.

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More on hybrid rice varieties:

The Hybrid Rice Development Consortium
The Hybrid Rice Development Consortium promotes innovation and access to new germplasm and information on hybrid rice technology. We are a membership-based organization that helps other organizations collaborate in the research and production of hybrid rice varieties.

Across the rice-producing world, there are well-recognized “yield gaps”—the difference between how much rice a system can potentially produce and the actual amount a farmer produces. Hybrid rice varieties are a key technology that can help close that gap, improving yield and profitability.

“Father of Hybrid Rice” Yuan Longping’s Legacy: An agricultural innovation that helps feed the world
In 1973, Dr. Yuan Longping successfully cultivated the first high-yielding hybrid rice strain after almost a decade of hybrid rice research. Since then, several varieties of hybrid rice have been developed and deployed to end hunger and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers across the world.

The hybrid alternative for Africa
As a result of heterosis (hybrid vigor), hybrid rice shows a yield advantage of 15‒20% over the best inbred variety grown under the same conditions. It can provide an avenue for African rice farmers to raise their rice yields and profitability.

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