Rice recipe roundup: Vegetable fried rice, Japanese-style rice salad, Lemon rice pudding, and more

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Egg Drop Soup and Vegetable Fried Rice
An Asian inspired vegetarian meal.

Japanese-Style Rice Salad
Rice is one salad ingredient that does not deteriorate when dressed.

Lemon rice pudding with gin syrup
Rice pudding can sometimes be a little cloying, but here it is lightened by sharp spikes of lemon.

Dashi rice and sashimi cups with spicy hoisin and ginger sauce
For minimal effort and fuss get your laughing gear around these dashi rice and sashimi cups with a drizzle of dressing for lunch or dinner.

Rice & Peas (risi e bisi)
A soupy risotto that can be made using the non-stir method.

Rice Vermicelli Salad with Grilled Pork Tenderloin
A meaty rice noodle salad.

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