New book presents systematic overview of rice from farming to consumption

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Advances in Science & Engineering of Rice
Edited by Zhongli Pan and Ragab Khir
Published by DEStech Publications, Inc.; 690 pages

In presenting recent research in rice science and engineering, this book provides a systematic overview of rice from farming to consumption. It covers each stage of rice production, from pre-harvest to storage, processing, and product applications. It includes the latest knowledge and efforts of rice researchers to improve the methods of harvesting, handling, drying, storage, and milling.

The book also reveals advances that have led to functionalizing rice components and making rice production more sustainable. In addition, the book explains methods for improving the nutritional quality of rice-based diets through fortification. Utilization of by-products, such as rice bran and hulls, is also addressed.

Some of the highlights of the book include:

  • A systematic overview of the growth, uses, and technical improvement of all elements of rice
  • The different stages of rice production from pre-harvest to storage
  • How genetic engineering and other new technologies enhance the qualities as well as the nutritional properties of rice as a crop and food, respectively
  • Engineering and handling techniques for reducing environmentally harmful chemical residues and costs while maintaining high food quality and safety levels
  • Aging of rice, rice fortification, and rice safety


  1. Rice overview: Production, processing, and sustainable innovations
  2. Genetic engineering of rice: Functional properties of cultivar, grains, and quality attributes
  3. Engineering and management of rice harvesting
  4. Rice drying
  5. Rice aeration: Fundamental and principles
  6. Rice safety
  7. Engineering properties of paddy/rice
  8. Physical, chemical, and functional properties of rice components and products
  9. Rice milling
  10. Aging of rice
  11. Parboiling of rice
  12. Rice fortification
  13. Development of a micro wet stone milling system for rice milk production
  14. Rice bran processing and utilization
  15. Non-food applications of multiple components in rice
  16. Rice straw and hulls

More information about the book is available here.

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