Sustainable Rice Straw Management book now available for download

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Sustainable Rice Straw Management is an open access book that provides a wide array of options for rice straw management that are potentially more sustainable, environmental, and profitable compared to current practice.

The book is authored by expert researchers, engineers, and innovators working on a range of straw management options with case studies from Vietnam, the Philippines, and Cambodia.

The book is written for engineers and researchers in order to provide them information on current good practices and the gaps and constraints that require further research and innovation.

The book is also aimed at extension workers and farmers to help them decide on the best alternative straw management options in their area by presenting both the technological options as well as the value chains and business models required to make them work.

The book will also be useful for policymakers, required by public opinion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, looking for research-based evidence to guide the policies they develop and implement.

The chapters include:

  1. Rice Straw Overview: Availability, Properties, and Management Practices
  2. Mechanized Collection and Densification of Rice Straw
  3. Rice Straw-Based Composting
  4. Thermochemical Conversion of Rice Straw
  5. Anaerobic Digestion of Rice Straw for Biogas Production
  6. Rice-Straw Mushroom Production
  7. Rice Straw-Based Fodder for Ruminants
  8. Rice Straw Incorporation Influences Nutrient Cycling and Soil Organic Matter
  9. Rice Straw Management Effects on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation Options
  10. Life Cycle Assessment Applied in Rice Production and Residue Management
  11. Rice Straw Value Chains and Case Study on Straw Mushroom in Vietnam’s Mekong River Delta

The book is available for download at Springer Link

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