Rice Today Vol. 12, No. 4 (October-December 2013)

 Alaric Santiaguel   |  


  • Debunking Golden Rice myths
  • The revolution underground
  • Mapping the crop of the future
  • Cameroon: Central Africa’s potential rice granary
  • A legion of heroes
  • Beating blight
  • Breeding for tough times ahead
  • What’s cooking? Tteokbokki: Korean rice cake in spicy sauce
  • For the love of rice
  • The not-so-silent revolution
  • Laser-guided dreams
  • How rice came to the Torajas
  • Rice in the eyes of a child
  • Breaking the barriers: from housewives to breadwinners
  • Smarter, Cleaner Heat
  • Rice genetics gets personal

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